End fur farming in British Columbia

Join the community to end fur farming in British Columbia

We are working towards a British Columbia where no animals are kept in cages and killed for their fur.

The world is moving away from fur. Individuals, companies, cities, and entire countries are distancing themselves from the fur industry. It’s time for British Columbia to join them and become the first province in Canada that ends fur farming.

Join the campaign to make fur farming history in British Columbia.


Update: On November 5, 2021, the government of British Columbia announced it will phase-out mink farming, with all mink farms required to cease operations by 2025.

Thank you to all of our supporters for advocating for change and to the BC government for its decision to prohibit mink farming. We continue to advocate for a ban on fur farming for all species listed in the Fur Farm Regulation (foxes, martens, fishers, chinchillas, and nutria).

Read the official announcement here

50 years ago, there were over 100 fur farms in British Columbia. Today, there are 10.

9 Mink Farms

There are nine active mink farms in British Columbia, all located in the Fraser Valley. They range from housing several hundred to tens of thousands of mink.

1 Chinchilla Farm

There is one active chinchilla farm in British Columbia. It houses less than one hundred chinchillas.

3 Mink Farms with COVID-19 Outbreaks

Three seperate mink farms in British Columbia experienced COVID-19 outbreaks. Hundreds of mink have been infected and died from the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Fur farming has no place in British Columbia's future


The organizations listed on this page support the call to end fur farming in British Columbia

“The health risks and attendant external societal costs should prompt a re-evaluation of the existing legislation governing fur farms in BC. In light of the risks, the industry’s trajectory, the suffering caused by the intense confinement of naturally wild animals, public opinion and societal values, I would strongly support a legislative ban on fur farming in BC and the rest of Canada.  This is a practice that needs to end.”

Jan Hajek, MD, FRCPC, DTMH
UBC Division of Infectious Diseases